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"Vicki Fox and Roo"


Hi! My name is Roo........"Roo Bear Fox" when my mother means business!! I was born in March of 2014, and I am an Australian Shepherd. (Seriously, the best breed EVER!)

My Mom.......people call her Vicki........thought I could use some puppy training, so she signed me up for classes with Leah, from Talk To The Paw Dog Training. Turns out, I was ok. It was my mom who needed the work! Phew! After puppy classes, the fun stuff continued with a freestyle and trick training class. This stuff rocks!

Apparently I am smart! My mother signed us up for agility classes, and we both fell in love with this sport. Fun has a whole new meaning!!! Not to brag, but I am really good at this stuff. My mom however, well, let's just say, she tries really hard. I am really proud of her.

Red Rock Agility practices help us to learn so much! My mom and I try not to miss any. She needs to work on her skills. Currently, I am working on my form, and taking extra care to learn everything I can. In case you're wondering.......I plan to compete very soon. I will be super excited to take my mother to the starting line and give it all we've got!! Thanks Mom for everything you do for me!!!