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"Agility ... it's the Talk of the Rock!"

Catherine Crunch ...."Delectable delights for doggies and dentists!! Lick 'em like a lollipop, or chew them like a bone....AND this ain't no bull....OR maybe it is!!"

Tony Tip & Twirl .... "Setting up your dog on the left hand side, followed by a right hand side lead-out...perfected with a hat tweek!"

Shelley Stomp .... "A false turn accompanied by foot stomping with various levels of intensity.

Piper Push .... " Precisely timed hand-flicking. Best performed while weaving."

Rachel Raves .... "The hottest new look in 'trialing trousers today!!'......Features include zig-zag tears adorned with splashes of duct tape. Watch for new fashion updates with 'Designs by Diesel' "

Patti-Pbboofft .... "Super sonic sounds used in training cocker spaniels to zoom around courses with blistering speed. When used correctly, helps to create that 'extra drive' !"

Roger Roar ...."A loud form of communication which absolutely, positively, most definitely prevents "off-courses" and occasional sniffing. Also helps to relieve constipation.

Chrissi Cross-Your-Heart ...."Keeps 'em in place, to stop 'em from floppin'....available in sizes from AA to "Q"!!....For the best fit for a "Q", the following guidelines must be followed: 1) Tuck hair behind ear 2) Adjust shoulder straps 3) Clap!!"