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"Rock Review.......2008"

The Nationals!!......What an experience!!! From the thrill of the opening ceremonies, to the ribbon placements of each day, to the Maritime Kitchen Party Banquet on Saturday evening, to the last day's exciting runs, to the fantastic vendors, to the wonderful judges, to the closing ceremonies on Sunday truly was a huge success with no tails left unwagged!!

"Paws Up" to the steering committee of Darr Houssen, Annette Dougay, Shirley Dingley, and Alyson Mitton. These four gals and their groups of volunteers, gave new meaning to the words dedication and hard work!! Thanks for showing the rest of the country what true Maritime hospitality is all about!

Red Rock Agility is very proud of a few of our members who represented PEI at this prestigious event!! Chantal and Jasper, Wayne and Cadeau, and Leah and Hunter made their way to Sussex to take part in some of the fun! Hats off to Wayne and Cadeau for making it to the podium with an 8th place finish in their division! WOW!You made us proud!!

Red Rock Agility would also like to congratulate the other Maritime dogs and handlers who made it to the Top Ten placements and overall finishes. We love agility!!!

While the Eagles were rocking on Magnetic Hill, Red Rock dogs were rocking at the Master's Agility Trial held August 2-3. Congratulations to Cindy Adams and Katie Kate for Top Starters Dog........Roger Savoie and Maggie for Top Advanced Dog.........Wayne Simon and Cadeau for Top Masters Dog!!!!! To top it off, Roger and Maggie earned their Advanced Standard Title!! See you at the next trial!

Knock Knock.......Who's there??......It's Jeri and Erin!!..........Red Rock Agility has been visiting the AVC Vet Camp during July demonstrating agility to the campers, and low and behold, there are the Piercy gals!!

Thanks to Jeri for jumping right in to help, and of course, we put their dogs to work with the Vet Campers! Bonus for us......Erin and Jeri came to our Club practice too, and Erin and Toffee demonstrated some neat things they learned at a recent seminar. Thanks for the visit ladies!!

A hot sunny weekend, and Red Rock Dogs were on fire!! True North Agility hosted a CPE trial July 5-6, and the Rocker's collectively brought home 26 Q's to prove it! Cindy Adams and Katie Kate made their trialing debut, with fellow trialers, Lauren & Levi, Lynn & Jenna, Roger & Maggie, and Leah & Hunter & Henry cheering them on. Agility is so much fun,we can't get enough of it!!

Well, what can we say? Red Rock dogs and handlers had a blast at the NB/PEI Regionals hosted by Master's Agility, June 28-29. All the dogs were put through their paces, and the outcome was bittersweet! Congratulations to Hunter and Leah for obtaining their Advanced Standard title that weekend also. Saturday finished off in fine fashion with a fun filled pot luck hosted by FAST, and of course, never ending laughter! Best of luck to our peers at the 2008 Nationals! Let's show the Nation the best Nationals yet!!

Way to go FAME for hosting two wonderful, well attended trials!! Red Rocker's and their dogs greatly enjoyed a couple of weekends in good company, and are already counting down to your trials next year! As usual, the judges, Dan and Linda Yielding were upbeat, and made everyone feel like Superstars!!

A huge high five for Chantal and Jasper!!! These two received "Judge's Choice" at the Kaper's trial held at Woolastook Campground May 24-25. This team have been working very hard and it's paying off! Way to go Rocker's!

"Red Rock Gets Connected"

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! A few Red Rock dogs recently made their way to the ever popular " Brenda Aloff Get Connected" seminar hosted by Victoria Craig.

With a unique, zesty style, Brenda entertained the crowd while demonstrating the protocol of the " Get Connected" exercises.

Brenda's new book, " Get Connected With Your Dog " proved to be a huge hit with everyone, and we anxiously await her return next year!!

A cool comfortable weekend made for a relaxing 2 days of trialing at Master's Agility during the holiday weekend in May. Red Rock members, Hunter, Henry, Maggie and Jasper were cheered on by a couple of the newer members, Bob and Jane Manning, who couldn't resist all the hype of trial talk, and went to experience it for themselves! Count on seeing them again in the future!

There's new "Red Rocker's" on the loose, and they recently made their way to their first CPE trial, hosted by True North Agility. The smiles said it all as Cindy and Bronson, Lynn and Jenna, and Lauren and Levi made their way through all the courses, and have the "Q" ribbons as proof! From a beginner agility class in September, to this trial held in May, it just goes to show that all the hard work is worth it!!

Another great seminar with John MacKinley of True North Agility was enjoyed by many eager dog and handler duos! Two days packed full of drills, sequences, and courses to keep us busy and "tuned up" until the next time. Participants learned same fancy new footwork too!!.........the "Rubber Boot Scoot", designed and developed by our club trainer!!
Beware local Junior Handlers! We have a "star" in the making......Jessica Overmars travelled all the way from Antigonish N.S. to take part in Saturday's sessions. We hope to see her again in the near future!

Red Rock Agility is now a member of the Agility Association of Canada!!! We've been a year in the making, and now we're ready to ROCK!! We're dreaming big dreams for 2008, and we have everyone to thank!! The support we've received in the last year is overwhelming to say the least!! Let the 2008 Agility Season begin!! Cheers to good health, "Q's" too many to count, and the best Nationals in the history of AAC!!!
"Rock Review.......2007"

Contact Training Classes are now complete! The last seven weeks saw approximately 20 handlers start with a clicker and a plastic cover, and progress to successful completion of the A-frame and dog-walk!! We are so proud of the dogs and their humans for their efforts and determination! Vision on "the Rock" is truly 2o2o!!
Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus.........Many Red Rockers were spotted once again.......this time cruising through Charlottetown during the Annual Santa Claus Parade. Together with the PEI Humane Society, and the Fast N FURious Flyball Club, dogs and handlers delighted many folks along the way. Thanks to all who braved the cold and took the time for a brisk evening walk with our four legged friends!

......and who let Roger in!!

Members of Red Rock Agility would like to extend birthday wishes to one of the club's finest.....Roger Savoie. Roger turns ?? on Saturday, November 3.

Cheers to a great celebration, and many more birthdays to come!!
FULL!! That's what the seminar on the weekend of October 27-28th was!! FULL of eager and enthusiastic agility newcomers, FULL of endless training information, FULL of tricky handling courses for the Sunday group, and FULL of exercises to work on! Thanks to John MacKinley of True North Agility for the best seminar yet!!
THANK-YOU Victoria Craig of Dog Logik for organizing a fascinating weekend seminar with renowned dog behaviourist, "Brenda Aloff"!! Many members of Red Rock Agility made their way to Moncton to enjoy an informative and entertaining 2 days with Brenda's unique presentation style!! We look forward to future seminars, and members will be busy putting some new techniques to work!! CHEERS from Red Rock to Dog Logik!!
More titles for the Rock Dogs!! Leah and Henry received the CL-2 title at the CPE trial hosted by True North Agility October 6-7. Joanne and Riley also made their "CPE Debut" and rose to the challenge of some very interesting games courses!! Red Rocker's were also delighted to have Lynn Wright join them in briefings and course walk throughs on the weekend. Lynn and her dog Jenna are presently taking the Beginner Agility Course with Red Rock Agility, and are keen and anxious to learn more, more, more! Be on the lookout for this team next year!
Did someone say WOW?? There were so many WOW's at the Master's Trial on September 29-30, we don't know where to start!!

WOW.....The weather was ideal!
WOW.....The laughs were never-ending!
WOW.....Leah gave new meaning to the "Happy Birthday" song!
WOW.....Red Rocker's Joanne & Riley made their debut and received ribbons!
WOW.....Brandon Henry is now running Master's Division( Get that guy his own dog!)
WOW.....Christine ate THREE pieces of Roger's pie!
WOW.....Pierrette and Zoom got a Q!
WOW.....FAST and Red Rock surprised John and Connor!
WOW.....Hunter received Top Advanced Dog on Sunday!
WOW.....Another trialing season is almost over!!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks to Don and Dulcie of Master's Agility for sharing their beautiful property! Red Rocker's hope to see everyone next year!

A warm sunny weekend, beautiful scenery, and great trialing hosts!! What's not to like?! Red Rock members, Roger and Maggie were awarded Judges Choice recently at the K-9 Kapers trial in Fredericton, NB. You make us proud! Also making us proud, were Julia Anderson and Cooke, who made their debut at this trial, and to prove it.....brought home a Q!! Thanks Kapers for another great year of trialing!!
SLOW DOWN!!!..........we can't keep up!!! Another weekend complete with laughs, new friends, and accomplishments! Yet another Red Rock Dog says goodbye to the Starter's Division. Not only did Roger and Maggie receive "Top Starters Dog" on both Saturday AND Sunday, they received their ADC title!! Cheers to this duo on hard work and determination! You make Red Rock proud!

........AND, the celebrations continued into Saturday evening with FAST member, Shelly Henry turning "40"!! With the usual FAST hospitality, a pot luck was enjoyed with many competitors socializing and chatting up the days events. We love to party!!

.......AND, the celebrations continued into Sunday with our club trainer!! John MacKinley and his beloved Connor made their way to the prestigious "Lifetime Achievement Award" with a heart stopping run of a LIFETIME!

Connor is the 14th dog in Canada, and the 1st dog in Atlantic Canada to be bestowed this honor.

We are so proud of them!!! John truly portrays what agility is all, play, proper training, dedication, and a true love of the dogs and the sport. An inspiration indeed!! Congratulations John and Connor from members of Red Rock Agility!!!
Red Rocker's are EVERYWHERE!! On Sunday, August 26, many of them were at the PEI Humane Society "Dogsport" fundraiser. Together, with many members of the Fast n' FURious Flyball Club, these groups helped raise over $700.00 for the animal shelter. We are very proud of our members, Sarah Drake and Eileen Higginbotham, for brainstorming, developing, and organizing this event. Almost 30 handlers and their canine partners got a "taste" of agility, flyball, and a ton of fun playing with their dogs! We hope to see them again soon!!
When we say GO Rocker's GO, we really mean it!! Way to GO Pat and Mick for obtaining their ADC title at the Master's Trial August 4-5. Add to this Top Starter's Dog on Saturday............a great working team indeed!! Way to GO Leah and Hunter for achieving their ADC recently at the FAME trial in Shediac! Nothing but smiles from these Red Rocker's!! sure did rain!!
However, it didn't hamper Red Rock Agility members from smiling during the Kensington Harvest Festival parade held on Saturday, August 17. Many members and a total of 15 dogs proudly paraded through town and socialized with the onlookers! We were thrilled to have our "Honorary Red Rocker", Pat Miller and her cocker spaniels, travel all the way from Amherst to be a part of the fun! Thanks to everyone for being such great sports, even if conditions were a "little damp"!!
FUN TRIAL!! You can bet it was a FUN TRIAL!! The weekend began Saturday with a series of mini clinics with John MacKinley of True North Agility. Sunday proved to be a picture perfect day with over 30 dogs running 3 different courses. Red Rock Agility welcomed Jerry Hamilton of FAST as the judge for the day.

Thanks Jerry for the helpful hints of trialing, all the while keeping it very relaxing as per the "Island style"! Competitors from NB, NS and PEI learned lots and were keen to try the CPE games courses designed by John MacKinley.

The novice "Judge's Choice" was awarded to Chris Higgenbotham and Rukkus, while the advanced "Judge's Choice" was awarded to Bob Stephenson and Jackpot!

Twin Shores Campground provided a beautiful, scenic, trial site.......not to mention a huge audience who cheered for all the dogs and handlers. The best burgers in the Maritimes were made and grilled to perfection by our very own Roger Savoie and his crew of "kitchen help"...........he even gave up a run to cook for us!!

Rocker's couldn't have been more impressed with the success of our first FUN TRIAL, and can't wait for more, more, more!! A big thank-you to all who supported us, and to John MacKinley for lending his expertise in making the weekend the success it was!! We hope to see everyone next year for another "Run on the Rock!!"
Photo by

CPE NATIONALS!!!! What a time!!!!! A few Red Rock Dogs were out in fine form at this National event, held for the first time in Canada, in Bridgewater, NS July 6-8th.

Roger and Maggie, and Leah and Hunter & Henry were thrilled with the results of the weekend after each dog completed 9 runs over the duration of 3 days. Not only did these dogs collectively earn 21 Q's, they were honored with top place finishes!! Maggie and Henry won "Reserve High in Standard" in their height and divisions, and Hunter won "High in Standard" AND "High in Games" in his height and division. about exciting!!!!

Hats off to John and Lorna MacKinley of True North Agility, and their team of volunteers for hosting this event which attracted over 250 canine entries from across Canada and the United States. After days, weeks, and months of hard work, the event was a huge success and very memorable for everyone involved. The MacKinley's reputation of professionalism and organization shone through all weekend long, and they once again provided a top notch competition with no stones left unturned!!

Congratulations Red Rock Dogs for the National successes!! You make us proud!!
Red Rock Agility dogs were thrilled to have been asked to show off their stuff for the annual Charlottetown Festival of Lights Celebration during the Canada Day weekend. We were spot lighted on CTV's Live@5, so the dogs have now made their TV debut! How exciting! The PEI Humane Society was the "charity of choice" for this event, and continue to do a wonderful job for the unwanted animals on PEI. Many of our members have rescue dogs, and Red Rock Agility is a huge supporter of everything they do!
.......on a scale of 1 to 10, the Rock Dogs were a TEN at the FAME trial held in Irishtown June 23-24th! Collectively, the Rocker's brought home TEN Q's!! Way to go, AND, the icing on the cake.....Roger & Maggie earned "Top Starter's Dog" on Saturday, and Leah & Henry obtained their "Starter's Games Title". Henry now carries the honor of being the first Red Rock Dog to complete the Starter's level. Don't blink though, the other Rocker's are hot on his trail!!

THE REGIONALS! We waited for them to come, we went to them, and now they're over! What an experience!! We would like to congratulate everyone on their successes of the weekend, and we will be anxiously waiting to see those National's runs!

A couple of our Rockers, Mick and Hunter, couldn't resist rising to the challenge of those master's courses, and of having the honor of being the first Red Rock dogs to compete at the NB/PEI Regionals!

We learned so much on the weekend, and are grateful to our peers for the continued support whether out walking a course, celebrating a successful run, or discussing strategies to improve performances!

Thanks to the K-9 Kapers for hosting the event, and to the members of FAST for their hospitality! You know how much we appreciate it!

More good news to report!! A few Red Rock dogs were out trialing at FAME's first trial of the season June 2-3, and brought home some of those almighty "Q" ribbons!! Pat and Mick are on a roll, and captured "Top Starter's Dog" on Saturday!

After chasing that clean run in Team Relay for the last year, Roger & Maggie, and Leah & Henry had success! Maggie is now our first member to obtain the Starter's Games Title!! We're looking forward to much more fun and Q's to come! Thanks to FAME for a great trial!

Red Rock Agility would like to extend a HUGE congratulations to Lorna MacKinley & Lucy, and Linda Burry & Ciaran for obtaining a clean, qualifying run in the Master's Team Relay, held at the K-9 Kapers trial, May 26-27 in Fredericton. The ladies have been working hard for this, and it has come to be!! Double bonus for these teams who have also obtained their ATChC( Agility Trial Champion of Canada) with the completion of this run! Lucy is truly a "Red Rock" girl, as she was born in Freetown, PEI. The smiles say it all!!
Congratulations to Roger Savoie & Maggie, and Leah Harris & Henry and Hunter for a very successful weekend of trialing during the CPE trial hosted by True North Agility on May 19-20. All three dogs now possess the CL1 title, and have qualified for the CPE Nationals to be held July 6-7-8 in Bridgewater, N.S. A sure sign that hard work and practice pays off!!
Many Red Rockers were sighted at the Fun Trial held May 12 at Victoria and Pierrette's! Wow! What a fun day!! There were a ton of laughs, lots learned, and a wonderful opportunity to experience a "trial setting". Watch for these Red Rockers at future trials.