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"Megan Getson, Axel & Raven"

Axel & Raven

Axel: the most amazing, fun loving, spirited, tough, handsome sidekick a girl could ask for. Axel was Megan's first dog to raise on her own, and she couldn't have asked for better! He has the most positive attitude towards life and loves to play agility, especially the tunnels. Axel is a special man who was dealt a tricky hand in life, but he is kind enough to let his sister Raven take the reins for the future competitions while he still practices and has just as much fun!

Axel first started off his agility fun when Megan worked at Sunnybrook Farms Pet Supply with him working as a greeter as well, where they both met Leah, did as many classes with her as possible and were hooked ever since because they always have a great time, learn lots, and grow a better bond each time!

Raven: The second Aussie to come into Megan and Craig's life. Raven is a young pup with rocket fuel in her veins and absolutely loves to work. Raven has completed puppy classes, two levels of agility classes, and has joined her brother Axel as a club member.

She is a fast learner and if all goes well, she will be competing in agility next summer when she's old enough and her mother learns to keep up with her!