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"Jessica Roberts & Sierra"


Sierra arrived at Jessicaís house a happy go lucky puppy who wanted to play right from the start! She began puppy kindergarten right away and learned and played with the other puppies.

After puppy graduation she wanted to continue learning new tricks in freestyle classes. All fall she learned how to maneuver around Jessica doing tricks when prompted. By the time spring came Sierra and Jessica wanted to learn more, when they learned that agility was being offered they couldnít say no!

They didnít have a background in the sport but by the time 10 weeks of classes were finished, Sierra was running full speed ahead through jumps, tunnels and chutes. Jessica quickly learned that having a successful day at an agility class didnít mean to run a course clean or even run through the whole course first go, that a successful day at agility meant to have fun!

Sierra and Jessica continue to work agility on a weekly basis. Itís a nice way to have some bonding time with your best friend!