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"Rita & Chuck"


Chuck may never have graced Rita with his presence if the batteries hadn't given out on Paul Allen's audio player while jogging on the Confederation Trail one day.

He happened to hear a noise in the bushes and went to investigate. Low and behold, a tiny puppy had been abandoned. He took the puppy home and quickly posted his picture on Facebook trying to find out where the puppy had come from.

With no information forthcoming, he proceeded to put the pup up for adoption. Rita and Cheryl were fortunate enough to satisfy Paul's scrutiny and Chuck was added to the family with Rottweiler big sister Mia.

Chuck is now a happy 3 year old who's graduated Talk to the Paw puppy and agility classes. He loves to "run and play" and is quite successful as a beginner agility participant. Now if only Rita can learn to keep up with this excited little guy!